Keep Your Facility Audit Ready

Close the gap between maintenance and sanitation

Integrated Sanitation Module

  • With SOMAX Food Safety your CMMS becomes an intuitive sanitation tool
  • Create, schedule, and track sanitation jobs and work orders
  • Tie sanitation into maintenance and receive alerts, or automativally generate sanitation jobs when maintenance finishes work
  • Never let equipment go uncleaned and keep maintenance and food safety working together

Stay Safe, Stay Certified

  • SOMAX helps keep you compliant for all your important food certifications
  • Keep a histroy of all your sanitation procedures so you're ready for audits from SQF, BRC, IFS, FSSC and more
  • By tying maintenance in with sanitation, you ensure that important sanitation procedures immediately follow maintenance work orders

Built In Verification

  • We don't just ask if food safety procedures have been followed, we require it
  • Built in screens, checks, and popups ensure that maintenance is following proper handoff procedures
  • Check all the boxes so sanitation never misses a job
  • All records are time, date, and user stamped so you have a history of when, and who, signed off on your work.

Want to see SOMAX in action?

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Simple Scheduling

  • With our easy-to-use workbench, you can schedule sanitation work, and assign jobs to different personnel on the fly
  • Quickly change what equipment you need sanitation work completed on, or reschedule to a different day
  • The SOMAX Sanitation Workbench gives you the tools to rearrange your schedule to fit your needs

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