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Parts and Purchasing Management

  • Why use a secondary solution for parts and purchasing management when your CMMS can do it for you?
  • Locate, perform physical counts, and checkout parts quickly with the SOMAX mobile app
  • Set high and low thresholds for parts and receive automated purchased requests, and easily convert requests to orders
  • Send purchase orders to vendors with the push of a button

Asset Performance Management

  • APM is a big deal in maintenance right now, and it should be for you too
  • Using the Internet of Things, your CMMS can become a data collection and asset monitoring tool with a maintenance first approach
  • Gather equipment and asset information, receive notifications and alerts when condition assessment abnormalities are noticed
  • Generate automated work orders with step by step instructions on repairing any issues
  • Automated work orders come complete with necessary parts information

Asset Cost Management

  • What does every system's primary goal really boil down to? Saving money!
  • With SOMAX Enterprise Level CMMS, you get the ability to tie all your equipment and assets to one another using our equipment tree hierarchy
  • Roll costs up to any level of your organization
  • Determine equipment and asset costs at the smallest level of your operation, or roll costs up and see what you're spending on parts and labor on a macro level

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Enterprise Level Reporting

  • See information across your entire organization
  • With SOMAX Enterprise Level CMMS you're not restricted to one site, you can view and work in every site within your operation
  • Perfect for executive level employees who need to see an overview of multiple facilities
  • You can see vital operations information from a bird's-eye view, or drill down into a specific facility and understand what's happening in detail within the maintenance department

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