Asset Performance

Build a Smarter Operation
CMMS Gauge Screen from SOMAX

Asset Performance Management

  • Leverage sensor-based continuous asset monitoring to monitor asset and equipment condition
  • View interactive graphs and charts of asset and equipment trend data
  • Blend the power of the Internet of Things with the functionality of best in class CMMS
  • Easy to understand, easy to use, built for mobility, and highly affordable for organizations of all sizes

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Smarter Maintenance

  • Make time-consuming preventive maintenance a thing of the past
  • Assets and equipment continuously monitor themselves using Internet of Things connected sensors
  • Receive alerts when there may be an issue developing and automatically generate work orders based on asset and equipment condition
  • Auto-generated work orders can contain step-by-step guides to troubleshoot and repair assets and equipment

Asset Performance Management Graph on Tablet
preventive maintenance schedule using gauge and readings

Beyond Condition Assessment

  • Trigger alerts based on thresholds and buffer zones
  • Trend data to separate single abnormalities from potential issues
  • Automatically generate work requests and work orders based on condition and meter information
  • Develop task based preventive maintenance and repair routines to ensure that the next big asset or equipment breakdown never happens

Insights at Your Fingertips

  • Intelligent dashboards that seamlessly display trend data from multiple sensors
  • A Maintenance first approach to the asset-sensor relationship means SOMAX APM gives you more than just a snapshot of your asset and equipment condition
  • Develop intuitive analytics for your operation and leverage them to develop better and more efficient maintenance standards, routines, and protocols

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